1. Resources & Publications

    Bridging Barriers to Newcomer Mental Health in Niagara: Webinar (Event Recording)

    This is an event recording of the April 24, 2019 webinar with presenters Ali Ahmed and Jillien Hone from the Niagara Folk Arts Multicultural Centre. This event was hosted by Niagara Connects in partnership with Niagara Folk Arts Multicultural Centre. Sixty-five (65) participants joined this event from twenty-one (21) different...
  2. Resources & Publications

    First Nations Regional Health Survey Phase 3: Volume 1 and 2

    Volume 1: This landmark report provides unprecedented insight into a wide range of factors affecting the health and well-being of First Nations people living in reserve and Northern communities across Canada. Volume 2: The second volume provides insight into a wide array of factors, from language and culture to health-care...
  3. Resources & Publications

    Recent Canadian Immigrant Seniors: A Literature Review of Settlement Experiences and Services

    This literature review provides an overview of the Canadian academic and grey literature outlining the experiences and challenges faced by recent immigrant seniors during their first five years of settlement. Three questions guided this literature review: What settlement experiences and challenges facing recent immigrant seniors are outlined in the Canadian...
  4. Resources & Publications

    Languages Used in the Workplace in Canada (Census in Brief)

    The 2016 Census data indicate the importance of international migration in the evolution of Canada’s population. Despite increasing ethnocultural and linguistic diversity within the Canadian population, English and French remain the languages of convergence and integration into Canadian society. The census collects information on language of work primarily to measure...
  5. Resources & Publications

    Turning Points: YMCA of Niagara Annual Report 2013-2014

    This report provides an at-a-glance summary of how the YMCA of Niagara has strengthened the foundations for a healthy community in Niagara. It details current programs and provides data about service delivery and philanthropy outcomes. Published By: YMCA of Niagara Publication Date: December 2014
  6. Resources & Publications

    Making Ontario Home 2012

    In 2008, OCASI – Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants undertook a strategic planning exercise to identify and set policy and program priorities. A key strategic priority that emerged and was subsequently adopted by the Council was the need to build its research capacity as part of its evidence-informed planning for...
  7. Resources & Publications

    Niagara Folk Arts Multicultural Centre: Annual Report 2013-2014

    Niagara Folk Arts Multicultural Centre is a community based non-profit charitable organization whose team of professional staff and volunteers provide vital settlement services to newcomers as they strive to create a rewarding new life in Canada. This annual report details the NFAMC services, programs and financial report from the 2013-2014...
  8. Resources & Publications

    Fort Erie Multi-Cultural Centre / Peace Bridge Report: January to December 2012

    The Fort Erie Multicultural Centre (FEMC) helps newcomers to Fort Erie through programs such as Community Connections, computer training, youth programs, language learning, job search skills, and more. The FEMC also operates the Peace Bridge Newcomers’ Centre near the Peace Bridge crossing between Fort Erie, Ontario and Buffalo, New York. This...

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