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The Niagara Knowledge Exchange (NKE) is a tool to support evidence-informed planning and Niagara-wide community innovations. Connect with the best and brightest people, ideas and resources to help you efficiently reach your goals.

The NKE provides relevant, reliable information and resources to support evidence-informed community action and is a trusted tool for:

  • Accessing trusted, comprehensive Niagara-wide knowledge
  • Being aware of the latest Niagara community news and information
  • Interacting with Niagara-wide peers
  • Contributing your expertise and perspective

The NKE is powered by Niagara Connects, a Niagara-wide network for collaboration, planning, learning, innovation and community action toward a stronger future for Niagara. Niagara Connects leads a culture of Niagara-focused evidence-informed planning that supports community action.

The goals of the NKE are to:

  • Support the learning needs of people seeking relevant, reliable Niagara-focused evidence and data to enable planning that drives community action;
  • Stimulate, support, and share innovations in Niagara; and,
  • Build and strengthen collaboration between diverse community partners and citizens of Niagara.

The NKE accomplishes this by:

Monitoring key research findings, government and other publications and policies, innovations and projects related to Niagara development, influential stakeholders and change-makers, and media coverage concerning the Niagara-wide community.

Informing the work of people living and working in Niagara with the latest information to improve services and influence policy and practice

Exchanging current information about the Niagara-wide community, to enable evidence-informed decision-making.

Networking people and building relationships by identifying like-minded stakeholders across a range of topics and organizations.

Supporting Niagara community partners seeking an ongoing way to build their own knowledge and communications systems.

We deliver on these goals by offering you:

  • A resource listing of Niagara-related publications
  • A calendar of events
  • A collection of Niagara-focused people and projects
  • A community news blog
  • The Niagara Connects newsletter
  • Knowledge Broker services
  • Online and in-person knowledge exchange events
  • And much more!

Click here to view a ‘Guided Tour’ of the NKE.

To learn more about Niagara Connects, visit our central website: www.niagaraconnects.ca or contact us by e-mail: info@niagaraconnects.ca or phone: 905-688-6236.

Niagara Knowledge Exchange & Community Calendar

Respite Recreation Hour @ Webinar
Jul 6 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Join Us for a Virtual Variety Show!

Each week we will present fun and engaging actives such as:
-Word puzzles
-Reminiscent stories
-And much more!

We look forward to connecting with you.

This event is brought to you by the Alzheimer Society of Niagara Region

Caregiver Support & Coffee Hour By the Alzheimer Society of Niagara Region @ Online
Jul 6 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Join your peers and share a virtual coffee! This online group is for care partners of individuals living with dementia. Each group will be facilitated by one of our counselling staff.

Sessions: Every other Monday from 2:00-3:00pm

May 4, 2020 and May 25, 2020
June 8, 2020 and June 22, 2020
July 6, 2020 and July 20, 2020

This online event is hosted by the Alzheimer Society of Niagara Region

Niagara’s Transportation and Logistics Sector: Becoming a Global Economic Lynchpin @ Webinar
Jul 7 @ 9:30 am – 11:00 am

The Niagara Community Observatory invites you to join us Tuesday, July 7 for a virtual presentation of our latest policy brief Niagara’s Transportation and Logistics Sector: Becoming a Global Economic Lynchpin, by NCO Director Charles Conteh.

The presentation runs from 9:30 am to 11 am and will be conducted online via Microsoft Teams. A link to the event will be sent out the day before, to all who have registered.

The transportation and logistics (T&L) sector is a strategic economic sector in Niagara given the region’s role as one of the key arteries in Canada’s interprovincial and international trade flows.

As the North American and global economy undergoes earthshaking transformations across several fronts, the fundamental question that Niagara must address is whether it is fully leveraging its assets to not only weather the storms of change but also exploit new and emerging opportunities.

Following in the footsteps of his previous research on the manufacturing, agriculture, and ICT sectors, Dr. Conteh uses industry data provided in partnership with Niagara Economic Development to examine this question, focusing on the trends, strengths, and challenges.

The presentation will be followed by a panelist discussion and open Q&A.

Registration is required through cphillips3@brocku.ca

This webinar is brought to you by the Niagara Community Observatory, Brock University

Revenue Canada: Tax Benefits @ Webinar
Jul 7 @ 10:00 am – 11:30 am

Learn about Tax benefits that may help support persons living with dementia, care partners or seniors.
-Covid-19 Measures
-Disability Tax Credit
-Caregiver Tax Credits
-Medical Expenses

Featuring: Piratheepa Jeyaseelan, Volunteer & CRA Outreach Officer

This information session is brought to you by the Alzheimer Society of Niagara Region

Short-Term Interventions: Transitioning from In-Person to Online Support @ Webinar
Jul 7 @ 11:00 am – 12:30 pm

This four-week webinar series will explore ways to move through this unsettling interlude with integrity, confidence, and clinical effectiveness. Each webinar will explore a different topic relevant to both short-term therapy and remote service delivery and will include practical skills that can be implemented immediately.

Week 1: Doing the Best You Can With What You Have: Best Practices in Brief and Remote Counselling

Front-line practitioners all want the best for their clients, but it can be challenging to feel helpful when faced with limited time and resources. This webinar will explore what it takes to be clinically effective regardless of the time available or method of service delivery.

Week 2: Hope: The Key to All Effective Brief Therapy

Practitioners often struggle with how to be clinically effective in brief therapy given the time-limited nature of the interaction. This webinar will invite practitioners to consider hope as the “active ingredient” in Brief Therapy and will discuss how to cultivate hope more intentionally in conversations.

Week 3: The Worries are Real: Managing Anxiety, Disappointment and Uncertainty in Troubled Times

There is no denying that the COVID-19 virus has changed the world as we know it. Worry, fear and grief are all reasonable responses. This webinar will explore how we can honour our client’s difficult emotions while nurturing their resiliency.

Week 4: Mindful Presence in Brief Therapy: Staying Grounded, Compassionate, and Hopeful Before, After, and During Challenging Conversations

Supporting others while managing difficult times ourselves can feel exhausting. This webinar will explore the importance of self-awareness and reflexivity for the practitioner.

Course Format

Live Webinars (Zoom)
This course is delivered exclusively online as 4 interactive webinars spaced over four weeks.
Online learning platform (Thinkific LMS)
Participants will have access to online learning modules to supplement live sessions as well as:
• Activities and discussion forum
• Downloadable resources and handouts
• Access replay of session recordings

This webinar is hosted by SafeGuards Training

AGE-WELL Epic Conference 2020 (8-Weeks, Every Tuesday & Thursday) @ Webinar
Jul 7 @ 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm

The “Supportive Homes & Communities” Challenge Area focuses on promoting independent living through appropriate supports and services, including the design of physical spaces and the use of technology within the environment.

Chair: Frank Knoefel, Bruyère Research Institute

Commenter: Sherry Baker, Vice-Chair, Older Adult and Caregiver Advisory Committee

Oral Presentations:

Live More SmarTech: Autonomy and independence through collaboration and technology
Naomi Zingman Daniels, University of Toronto

Smart home technology to support persons living with dementia who experience night-time wandering and their caregivers
Laura Ault, Bruyère Research Institute

Seniors’ perceptions of the robot
Zahya Idrissi, University of Sherbrooke


This conference is brought to you by Age-Well

Young Onset Dementia Care Partner Group @ Webinar
Jul 8 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Caring for someone with young onset dementia (dementia diagnosed prior to 65) can present its own unique challenges. This is a facilitated group intended to connect people on a similar journey and to offer a place where care partners can assess support and engage socially. If you are a child, spouse, relative, friend – any informal caregiver caring for someone living with young onset dementia you are welcome to join our group!

Upcoming dates:
Wednesday, July 8, 2020 7:00 – 8:30pm
Wednesday, August 5, 2020 7:00 – 8:30pm

This webinar is brought to you by the Alzheimer Society of Niagara Region


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