Resources & Publications

  1. Golden Horseshoe Food and Farming Alliance: Section 3 Demographic Growth

    The objective of this resource is to present a demographic profile for the Golden Horseshoe (GH) using the most recent (2011) census data. This section incorporates data from earlier census periods where available and allows for the identification of key demographic profiles and trends regarding population, immigration, social and cultural...
  2. Food Hub Case Study

    This resource examines the Niagara Local Food Co-op (NLFC). The NLFC works at the regional level to connect local food producers with local consumers. The NLFC is an example of a producer-driven virtual farmers’ market. Members of the co-operative include both producers and consumers. Members are connected at point of...
  3. Launching the Niagara Community Foundation Centre of Excellence in Non-Profit Governance: Event Recording

    This is an event recording of the January 20, 2016 webinar with presenters Liz Palmieri, Joanne Krick, Mary Wiley & Sarah Webster. 155 participants joined this event from 88 different organizations across Niagara. During this webinar presenters: Shared information about the development of the Centre of Excellence; Reviewed the Centre...
  4. First Steps to French Language Services (FLS) Planning

    Planning to deliver French Language Services (FLS) can seem overwhelming, particularly if your organization is new to working with Francophone communities and delivering services in French. This resource is focussed on how to start planning — and ultimately delivering — services in French. Published By: HC Link Publication Date: 2015

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Partners & Projects

  1. Partners for Mental Health

    Partners for Mental Health is a national charity, accredited by Imagine Canada’s Standards Program, whose mandate is to change the way Canadians think about, act towards and support mental health and those living with mental illness. Through partnerships, public engagement and strategic initiatives, Partners for Mental Health mobilizes and engages...
  2. Lifelong Learning Niagara

    Established in 2015, Lifelong Learning Niagara is a non-profit, independent organization closely modeled on other lifelong learning groups in Ontario. Their mission is to foster socially engaging, relevant and inspiring third age learning experiences. Visit their website for a list of upcoming classes: Virginia Stewart CONTACT DETAILS Email:      

Community Blog

  1. #Rethink Niagara: A Prosperous People Strategy for Niagara

    On December 3, 2015, 80 people gathered in Welland for a Niagara Connects event to learn about best practice in knowledge management, and work together to begin building the next Living in Niagara report. Findings of the #Rethink Niagara Environmental Scan were examined, as a way to strengthen Living in Niagara Indicators....
  2. Exploring Food Systems in Niagara

    A diverse group of people and organizations is working together to gather building blocks for a Food Systems Framework for Niagara. This work is being facilitated by Niagara Connects, in partnership with the former Healthy Living Niagara, and Niagara Region Public Health. Environmental scan building blocks already in place include:...

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