1. Resources & Publications

    Community Hubs in Ontario: A Strategic Framework and Action Plan

    A community hub can be a school, a neighbourhood centre or another public space that offers co-located or integrated services such as education, health care and social services. Each hub is as unique as the community it serves. The Advisory Group’s action plan lays out eight overarching recommendations, which the...
  2. Resources & Publications

    Vote Pop Up: A Kit for Community Groups to Ignite Voter Participation

    Vote PopUp is an easy-to-use, do-it-yourself kit designed to give first-time or infrequent voters the opportunity to practice casting a ballot prior to the election and to affirm their commitment to political participation. It also provides groups an excellent opportunity to connect with communities during election time. Vote PopUps can be integrated into...
  3. Community Blog

    Launch of the Niagara Community Data Consortium Tool

    The Niagara Workforce Planning Board (NWPB) is pleased to announce the new Niagara Community Data Consortium (NCDC) program, now available to Niagara organizations. The program offers access to the Canadian Council on Social Development’s Community Data Program (CDP). In 2014, NWPB received a two-year, $98,000 grant from the Ontario Trillium...
  4. Resources & Publications

    What is Open Data?

    This short 3-minute video describes open data and provides examples of how open data is and can be used by citizens and organizations. Published By: County of Grande Prairie Publication Date: June, 2012
  5. Resources & Publications

    Turning Points: YMCA of Niagara Annual Report 2013-2014

    This report provides an at-a-glance summary of how the YMCA of Niagara has strengthened the foundations for a healthy community in Niagara. It details current programs and provides data about service delivery and philanthropy outcomes. Published By: YMCA of Niagara Publication Date: December 2014
  6. Resources & Publications

    Living in Niagara-2014 Report: Critical Indicators for Reflecting on Life in Niagara (Summary Booklet)

    This 44-page booklet is a summary resource of the Living in Niagara-2014 report. The Living in Niagara report is a triennial measure of quality of life in Niagara, across 12 Sectors aligning with the social determinants of health. The report and its Sectors are described, built and owned by the...
  7. Community Blog

    Launch of the Living in Niagara-2014 Report

    Presented to an audience of over 450 people attending the Niagara Community Foundation annual Leaders Breakfast, the Living in Niagara-2014 report marks the third time since 2008 that the Niagara-wide community has built a triennial ‘snapshot’ to describe and measure socio-economic quality of life in Niagara. The report reflects the...
  8. Resources & Publications

    Niagara College At A Glance

    Niagara College aims to provide outstanding applied education and training for a changing world. This at-a-glance look at the College summarizes learner engagement strategies, key performance indicators, sustainability, enrolment data and co-curricular record information. Published By: Niagara College Publication Date: 2014

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