1. Resources & Publications

    Niagara Cycling Tourism Summit 2016 Presentations

    The Niagara Cycling Tourism Summit 2016 took place on February 24th. This event intended to help strengthen cycling tourism and support business development in Niagara. The summit aimed to collectively enhance regional products, services and increase communication and coordination on initiatives supporting local community-based economic development in Niagara’s cycling tourism...
  2. Resources & Publications

    The Power of Reflection: An Introduction to Participatory Evaluation Techniques

    Community groups commonly talk about needing simpler tools to evaluate their efforts. This resource, will help groups begin benefiting from their own reflection activities without needing an outside evaluator. This resource present a theoretical introduction to participatory evaluation and three simple evaluation techniques that can be used by any community group or...
  3. Resources & Publications

    Texting While Driving Behaviour among Ontario Youth and Young Adults

    In 2009, Ontario introduced a ban on the use of hand-held devices while driving. According to current collision trends from the Ministry of Transportation, fatalities related to distracted driving are forecasted to exceed those from drinking and driving by 2016. This report details the prevalence, motives and types of TWD behaviour among...
  4. Resources & Publications

    Healthy Rural Communities Toolkit: A Guide for Rural Municipalities

    This tool kit is intended for use by municipal planners, health unit staff and elected officials in rural communities. It will also help other interested community members advocate for healthier communities and populations. This tool kit identifies land use and development strategies that can help to enhance the rural built environment and...
  5. Community Blog

    Getting There Business Case Established

    The Getting There Business Case for a model for centrally-dispatched access to health and human services for the most vulnerable people in Niagara was finalized in July, 2015. It reflects the collaborative work of over 30 Niagara agencies. The work to build it is being done with the understanding that...
  6. Resources & Publications

    Getting There: Business Case for a Model of Centrally-Dispatched Access to Health and Human Services for Niagara’s Most Vulnerable People

    Access to health and human services for the most vulnerable members of the Niagara community is a priority for local social organizations and government bodies that provide community services. This report is a summary of the Getting There Business Case. It describes the proposed model, partnerships that could be the...
  7. Resources & Publications

    Community Hubs in Ontario: A Strategic Framework and Action Plan

    A community hub can be a school, a neighbourhood centre or another public space that offers co-located or integrated services such as education, health care and social services. Each hub is as unique as the community it serves. The Advisory Group’s action plan lays out eight overarching recommendations, which the...
  8. Resources & Publications

    Walk Score and the Prevalence of Utilitarian Walking and Obesity Among Ontario Adults: A Cross-Sectional Study

    The rising prevalence of obesity in Canada has led researchers to examine not only individual behaviours, but also, environmental factors that may be contributing to the increase. Interest is growing in potential effects of the built environment, notably, neighbourhood walkability, on the risk of obesity and related diseases. The objective of this...
  9. Resources & Publications

    Designed to Move: Active Cities (A Guide for Leaders)

    A city’s ability to compete depends on an active population. The research is clear on this. Integrating physical activity into the places we work, live, learn, travel and play is the only way to ensure we move enough to thrive. Physical inactivity is bankrupting economies at the national level but...
  10. Community Blog

    The Niagara Aging Strategy and Action Plan Officially Launched

    The Niagara Age-Friendly Community (AFC) Network officially launched the Niagara Aging Strategy and Action Plan on June 5, 2015 in conjunction with the celebration of Seniors Month in Ontario. The Seniors Month theme “Vibrant Seniors, Vibrant Communities” resonates throughout the Niagara Plan. The launch event marked the completion of the...

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