1. Resources & Publications

    Niagara Community Foundation 2017 Annual Report: Helping Good People Build Smart and Caring Communities

    This annual report describes the ways in which the Niagara Community Foundation (NCF) has enabled community improvement by providing funding and community knowledge, and brought organizations together to form partnerships based on the respective strengths of each organization to focus on key community priorities. This report describes how NCF has...
  2. Resources & Publications

    Recognizing Volunteering in 2017: Summary Report

    This study aims to better understand what kinds of activities people consider to be volunteering, how people are currently engaged in communities, and how we can recognize a broader definition of volunteering through the notion of ISR that reflects a full spectrum of engagement. Building on a brief definition of...
  3. Resources & Publications

    Building the Base: Bethlehem Housing and Support Services Annual Report (2016-2017)

    This annual report details how Bethlehem Housing and Support Services has invested in the community and helped women, men and families in the Niagara region in 2016-2017. Published By: Bethlehem Housing and Support Services Publication Date: 2017
  4. Resources & Publications

    Charting a Path Forward: Strengthening and Enabling the Charitable Sector in Canada

    Charitable and nonprofit sector modernization has been the subject of much recent debate and discussion in Canada. The federal government has signalled significant interest in renewing its relationship with the sector. Recent consultations with sector stakeholders have resurfaced a recurring theme – the importance of creating an enabling environment for...
  5. Resources & Publications

    Check In to Check Up: Finances and Fundraising – Event Recording

    This is an event recording of the December 7, 2016 webinar with presenters Lyn Russo & Bryan Rose. 52 participants joined this event from 36 different organizations across Niagara. During this second webinar in the three-part series, presenters reviewed the Imagine Canada Quality Standards and Niagara Community Foundation’s Centre of Excellence in Non-Profit Governance...
  6. Resources & Publications

    Unpacking Impact: Exploring Impact Measurement for Social Enterprises in Ontario

    This report aims to examine the concept of common impact measurement frameworks and standardization globally, and identify specific opportunities to strengthen impact measurement practices for the social enterprise ecosystem in Ontario. Authors: Lisa Lalande, Joanne Cave & Rajesh Sanskat Published By: Mowat Centre Publication Date: October 2016
  7. Resources & Publications

    Launching the Niagara Community Foundation Centre of Excellence in Non-Profit Governance: Event Recording

    This is an event recording of the January 20, 2016 webinar with presenters Liz Palmieri, Joanne Krick, Mary Wiley & Sarah Webster. 155 participants joined this event from 88 different organizations across Niagara. During this webinar presenters: Shared information about the development of the Centre of Excellence; Reviewed the Centre...
  8. Resources & Publications

    Sector Source

    Sector Source connects charities and nonprofits with resources that help develop organizations and support the work they do for their communities. Resources include topic guides, sample policies, research and statistics on the following topics: Board governance Fundraising Risk management Finance and Administration Staff management Volunteer involvement Charity tax tools Advocacy...
  9. Resources & Publications

    Ontario Hospital Association Governance Centre of Excellence Resource Repository

    This resource repository provides access to timely, evidence-informed supports that enable effective board performance. Resources address governance, quality and patient safety, financial oversight, leadership and governance collaboration. Published By: Ontario Hospital Association

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