COVID-19 Response Framework for People Experiencing Homelessness

This guiding document provides practical information to reduce the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the homeless population. It was developed by a number of people, including public health professionals, primary care physicians, psychiatrists, addictions medicine specialists, Municipal shelter and housing leadership, as well as leaders in community health, social support, housing, and addictions agencies.

Due to the unique circumstances of serving people experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness, service providers should connect with their respective provincial or territorial public health authorities, to ensure that any measures that are taken to effectively service this extremely vulnerable population are in line with service standard levels required by the province or territory, while continuing to meet the needs of this group, per this framework.

Published By: Canadian Network for the Health and Housing of People Experiencing Homelessness

Publication Date: 2020

View COVID-19 Response Framework

Niagara Knowledge Exchange & Community Calendar

Workplace Wellness Series for Educators: Finding Your Happy @ ECCDC
Apr 7 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

An Introduction to the 16 Guidelines to Transform Your Life and Relationships

Join Elizabeth Skronski for this new session. Many of us search all our life for our Holy Grail to happiness and well-being, yet the answer often lies within us. Drawing on proven techniques from modern psychology, ethics, cognitive behavioural approaches, and centuries-old Eastern philosophy, 16 Guidelines is a holistic approach to increase our emotional resilience, confidence, and overall well-being.

This workshop is a taster to a two-day workshop that looks at the neuroscience behind happiness and introduces “The 16 Guidelines“ which provide practical tools for a more meaningful, fulfilled life. The idea behind the 16 guidelines is simple: to change the way we experience the world, we transform the way we think, act, and relate to others to find meaning. This workshop will teach techniques, including mindfulness, that can be shared with others, to improve personal relationships at home, reduce stress in the workplace, and overall increase your sense of happiness and well-being.

Registration fee includes all session materials and nutrition break.

This workshop is hosted by the Early Childhood Community Development Centre.

The White and Bright Affair @ Online
Apr 8 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Join us for a Livestream that is for EVERYONE at a time when we are all looking for some deep connection, support, and love. Our 1-hour program will feature Dr. Gary Chapman, best-selling author of “The 5 Love Languages.” Over the past few weeks, Dr. Chapman has aligned his keynote with the real-life situations we are all dealing with as we self-isolate at home. Gary says that at the heart of every relationship is the desire to love and feel love.

What you need to know before SHOWTIME!

#1 – RSVP for the Live Stream by visiting Pathstone Foundation

#2 – Take the FREE Love Language Quiz at 5 Love Languages

#3 – Dress code is to wear white + a splash of your favorite colour. Anything goes at home! Pj’s, housecoat, bunny slippers, you name it!

#4 – Dr. Gary Chapman joins us LIVE and brings The 5 Love Languages to life in a 15-minute keynote + Q & A. Learn how to better connect and show love in every relationship in your life in this COVID-19 world and beyond.

#5 – Post your White & Bright pics on social, don’t forget to tag us @PathstoneMH and use #WABA

“Drag” Yourself to Trivia in Support of the Many Hands Project @ Canadian Polish Society Hall
Apr 9 @ 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Niagara College Event Management students and Many Hands Project presents “DRAG” yourself to TRIVIA, a fun, pop-culture themed trivia night co-hosted by 2 Drag Queens.

All proceeds will go to Education Foundation of Niagara creating bursaries for DSBN students pursuing post-secondary education at Niagara College.

Featuring rounds of pop-culture trivia, pizza, snacks, cash bar, games, and prizes.

This event is hosted by the Many Hands Project.

Good Friday
Apr 10 all-day
Integrating Technology in the Early Years – The Technical Basics @ ECCDC Conference Room
Apr 14 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Where will we begin? For this session we will be reflecting on how technology has been used within our programs and what are the basics we need to know. Are there other pieces of the puzzle we need to consider such as policy, best practices, benefits of technology and the right kind of screen time? Participants will have an opportunity to explore these pieces as well as different types of technology that you could implement within your program. The technology will be supportive of learning for children, families, and educators which we will look at in the next sessions in the series.

Registration fee includes all materials and nutrition break

This event is hosted by the Early Childhood Community Development Centre (ECCDC)

Ballet Laughs: The Surprising Comic Side of a Classical Art with Katherine Barber @ Armenian Community Centre
Apr 15 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Lifelong Learning Niagara is hosting a special lecture to celebrate their 5th anniversary and Spring Lecture Series 2020.

Romance, escapism, beauty, athleticism – those are ballet’s acknowledged fortes. But comedy? Join Lifelong Learning Niagara as Katherine shares some hilarious moments in ballet.

Known to many as “Canada’s Word Lady” for her knack for making our language lively and entertaining, Katherine is also an ardent ballet fan who takes ballet lovers on ballet-themed holidays around the world, provides very popular ballet appreciation courses, and organizes group ballet outings in Toronto.

This event is hosted by Lifelong Learning Niagara.

Ask the Expert Webinar: Medical Cannabis & PD @ Online
Apr 15 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Since the legalization of cannabis in October 2018, there has been greater interest in its use for the possible management of Parkinson’s symptoms.

Join us on Wednesday, April 15 as pharmacist Dr. Alan Low answers common questions related to cannabis, including current research and how to access it.

We welcome all individuals with Parkinson’s to this webinar, as well as their spouses and/or carepartners/caregivers.

As always, please consult with your physician prior to making any changes to your treatment regimen.

This event is hosted by the Parkinson Society of British Columbia. Please note that it is 11am Pacific Standard Time or 2pm EST.


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