Please complete the Niagara Skills Survey

The Economic Prosperity Sector of the Living in Niagara-2017 quality of life report included a Suggested Action Step focused on creating the conditions for increasing quality of jobs and productivity in Niagara; and growing the talent pool that attracts businesses to invest in Niagara.

The report called for building “a continuum of opportunity that allows people to get to the next level of employment and advance on career pathways”.

Now, the Chambers of Commerce in Niagara have partnered with Brock University to conduct the Niagara Skills Survey. The survey is designed to support the talent and skills capacity and needs of business owners and employees in our region.

If you are a business owner or employee in Niagara, please complete the survey at this link By doing so, you will help to increase understanding of local skills demands and the types of programs and supports most needed to serve Niagara employers and employees looking to upgrade their skills.

Mary Wiley
Executive Director, Niagara Connects

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