1. Resources & Publications

    The Real Dirt on Farming: The People in Canadian Agriculture Answer Your Questions

    An in-depth look at the current culture and context of farming in Canada. This resource answers questions about the farming industry, safe food processes, raising farm animals, crops, the role of science, and extending farming beyond food. An updated, 2014 version of this resource can be found here. Author: Lilian Schaer,...
  2. Resources & Publications

    Green Opportunities: Occupations in the Wind Industry

    This report examines and profiles occupations in the wind industry. This green energy sub-sector was chosen due to the extensive research and economic development activity ongoing across Niagara as the region explores opportunities related to growth of a local wind power industry. Published By: Niagara Workforce Planning Board, info@niagaraworkforceboard.ca Publication...
  3. Resources & Publications

    DRAFT Environmental Land Management Plan for the Niagara Parks Commission: Phase 1

    This report identifies threats to biodiversity on Niagara Parks Commission (NPC) Lands and provides a framework of management strategies to deal with these threats. NPC practices and areas of concern, current research pertaining to the NPC and biodiversity conservation, government reports, laws, regulations and current practices in biodiversity conservation are...
  4. Resources & Publications

    Niagara 2031: A Strategy for a Healthy, Sustainable Future

    Niagara 2031 is a growth management strategy to guide growth in Niagara for the next 25 years and beyond. The strategy is divided into 5 phases focusing on Regional concerns such as population, employment, servicing systems, transportation corridors, agricultural lands and environmental features. Components of the plan, including community feedback, can be...
  5. Resources & Publications

    Local Food Action Plan: Setting a Course for the Future of Food in Niagara

    This Local Food Action Plan outlines actions that need to be taken to support, enhance, and promote local food products. 20 Actions are detailed across four sections: Information, Research and Resources; Local Food Network and Infrastructure; Education and Awareness Raising; Supportive Policy and Funding. This plan promotes the purchase of...
  6. Resources & Publications

    Ecotherapy: The Green Agenda for Mental Health Executive Summary

    Ecotherapy is emerging as a clinically valid treatment option for mental distress, and a core component of an adequate public health strategy for mental health. The new research presented in this report shows green exercise has particular benefits for people experiencing mental distress. It directly benefits mental health (lowering stress...
  7. Resources & Publications

    Niagara Agricultural Action Plan

    This action plan for agricultural viability identifies steps that can be taken to ensure that agriculture in the Region will thrive into the 21st century. Care has been taken in presenting the initiatives to prioritize those that have the most potential to support the industry. The work of Niagara Region...

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