Navigating the Board-Staff Relationship: Governance for Managers of Non-profit Organizations (3-Part Series)

September 17, 2020 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Gay Douglas

Many staff leaders in non-profit settings come from professional backgrounds outside the non-profit sector. They may never have served on a board of directors. It can be a challenging career move from a job in the corporate, educational, health, or other fields to a position in which you report to a volunteer board that regularly changes. There may be unclear boundaries between the board’s role and their own. They may feel torn between operational and governance responsibilities.

This 3-part webinar series is called “Navigating the Board-Staff Relationship”. Together we’ll explore governance from the senior staff’s perspective. New and experienced EDs will benefit from a refresher on governance basics, succession-planning, role clarification, and find new ways to enhance relationships with their boards. Each participant will receive an assessment, Zoom link to the 3 webinars, and access to Gay’s library of materials.

Topics include:
-Partner or subordinate? A delicate balance
-The board’s legal and ethical responsibilities
-The board as employer of the ED or CEO
-Governance models – impact on staff leadership
-Vital role of the Chairperson
-Accountability and reporting
-Maintaining healthy boundaries
-Governance policies to clarify roles
-Adapting to changing board leadership
-Managing conflict
-Your role in board recruitment
-Succession planning

The three 2-hour webinars focus on governance from the senior staff’s perspective.

This webinar is hosted by Gay Douglas & Associates

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