Digital Training for Educators : Kids Have Stress Too! Grades 1-6

May 12, 2020 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am
The Psychology Foundation of Canada

This research-based program is built on an experiential learning approach. Its aim is to help educators (and parents!) create teachable moments to introduce stress management strategies and build emotional resiliency.

This training program features:
-A guide with an overview of the program (Grades 1-3);
-A list of supplies or materials needed;
-Step-by-step lesson plans;
-Tips, facts or suggestions on how to extend or modify the activity;
-Links to where to find more information relevant to teachers, caregivers and others working with children.

The program features skill-based activities that:
-Help children understand stress and its impact on health and learning
-Teach children practical techniques for coping with stress and promoting resilience
-Show children how to address the signs of stress before they get overwhelmed by them

$75 Includes:
3 One-hour training sessions
1 electronic resource guide (valued at $25) Choose one of Grades 1-3 or Grades 4-6
1 certificate of completion

Program Schedule

Part 1: May 12th 10am- 11am ET
Part 2: May 13th 10am- 11am ET
Part 3: May 14th 10am- 11am ET

Repeated again on:
Part 1: June 23rd 10am- 11am ET
Part 2: June 24th 10am- 11am ET
Part 3: June 25th 10am- 11am ET

This event is hosted by The Psychology Foundation of Canada

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