Coordinated Access: Where to Start, What to Avoid, and How to Take it to the Next Level

May 16, 2019 @ 11:30 am – 1:00 pm
Systems Planning Collective

In this session, presenters will draw on promising practices and dive into different models of Coordinated Access from their experience at the community level in Hamilton and St. Johns. Amanda DiFalco and Julia von Rhedey lead systems planning efforts in their respective municipalities, which have been implementing Coordinated Access for several years. They will give you a sense of how they got these processes up and running, their key learnings – and challenges.

Coordinated Access doesn’t have to be about the programs you fund, or about the homeless-serving system, it could and should be part of your effort to integrate the broader safety net to ensure homelessness is prevented in the first place. Dr. Alina Turner will highlight the general approaches to CA, but also point to how we can align to a rights-based approach and support prevention efforts while enhancing the coordination of your homeless-serving programs.


  • Amanda DiFalco: Manager of Homelessness Policy and Programs | City of Hamilton
  • Julia von Rhedey: System Planner for End Homelessness St. John’s | City of St. John’s
  • Alina Turner: Principal, Turner Strategies | Co-Founder, | Fellow, School of Public Policy, UCalgary

This webinar is hosted by the Systems Planning Collective.

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