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Decent Work for Women Working in Ontario’s Nonprofit Sector 1:00 pm
Decent Work for Women Working in Ontario’s Nonprofit Sector @ Online
Apr 4 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
The Ontario nonprofit sector’s distinctive characteristics, trends, challenges, and opportunities significantly impact its labour force, one that consists of 80% women workers, many of whom are racialized and immigrants. Given the critical intersections between what we know about the labour market, the nonprofit sector, and women, the Ontario Nonprofit Network has documented the barriers that women working in the nonprofit sector face and we are now developing and implementing solutions to break down these barriers at the organizational, network, and systemic levels. In this webinar, ONN’s decent work for women Project Lead Pamela Uppal will share key findings from their recent reports, the 10 solutions ONN is working on – with particular emphasis on new maternity top-ups and compensation tools, and ways for women workers and nonprofit employers to join the decent work for women movement. During this webinar, Pamela will address the following questions: What barriers do women, particularly racialized and immigrant women and women with disabilities, face working in the nonprofit sector? How do they compare to other sectors? What can be done at the organizational, network, and systemic levels? How can we build a stronger decent work for women movement? This webinar is hosted by CharityVillage & the Ontario Nonprofit Network.
5th Annual CKNN Conference: Strengthening Our Roots
5th Annual CKNN Conference: Strengthening Our Roots @ John D. Bradley Convention Centre
Apr 25 all-day
Join hundreds of other nonprofit sector leaders and supporters for the 5th Annual Chatham-Kent Nonprofit Conference, “Strengthening Our Roots”, featuring world-renowned charity guru, Dan Pallotta. Dan has generously agreed to make himself available for an exclusive speaking engagement and book signing opportunity, featuring his latest book, “Uncharitable”. In a time of change unlike anything we’ve ever experienced in our sector before – with new governments, new and revised policies and regulations, and increasingly complex challenges in our local communities – it’s important that we share our thoughts, collect ideas, discuss solutions, and get inspired. “Strengthening Our Roots” will feature key insights from nonprofit trailblazers who are driving success within their respective fields in this rapidly changing environment. The exclusive line-up features these notable visionaries: Betty Ferreira, Social Impact Innovations, Transformation and Foresight Strategist David Hartley, Consultant/Trainer, Board Governance Jennifer Jurgens, Principal, 1 Bold Step Paul Nazareth, Vice President Education & Development, Canadian Association of Gift Planners Doug Sartori, Founder, Windsor Hackforge Cathy Taylor, Executive Director, Ontario Nonprofit Network Daniele Zanotti, President & CEO of United Way Greater Toronto This conference is hosted by the Chatham-Kent Nonprofit Network.
Implementing Inclusion in your Workspace Through Modern Policies and Progressive Practices 9:00 am
Implementing Inclusion in your Workspace Through Modern Policies and Progressive Practices @ 36 Page Street, St. Catharines
Apr 26 @ 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
We live in a changing world. It can be hard to keep up with modern expectations, emerging terms and needs of diverse groups. Learn how to ensure you and your staff are responsive and progressive in providing service to everyone. In this workshop you will learn: emerging culturally sensitive terms (gender, race, ability, familial status etc.) and client-centered practices related to different groups of people respectful ways to address clients that acknowledge their experiences how to ask questions related to demographics that are required by funders policy writing tips that reflect modern values and protects the rights of staff and clients clear, easy-to-follow, respectful workplace practices that serve both staff and clients Presenters: Ashley Hoath-Murray, Co-Executive Director, Literacy Link Niagara Ashley is passionate about treating people in a manner that speaks to their needs and experiences. She is well-versed in the legal requirements and social expectations around human rights as they relate to identity. As a former Women’s Studies student with more than a decade of experience serving clients from diverse backgrounds, she believes in client-centered service and implementing practices to ensure that every client has a voice. As progressive practices related to gender, race and economic status are entering the mainstream, she feels it is the responsibility of non-profit agencies to be aware of changing social norms and expectations. Gay Douglas, Co-Executive Director, Literacy Link Niagara Gay has worked in non-profit management since 1989. She believes in a values-based approach in service delivery, that aligns beliefs with practices. She...

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