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The Case Study of San Juan: Bringing Ecosystem Governance for a More Sustainable Community 11:00 am
The Case Study of San Juan: Bringing Ecosystem Governance for a More Sustainable Community @ Brock University - Schmon Tower, Room 105
Jan 12 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
The Andean Paramo is a fragile ecosystem that hosts high diversity and plays an important role in moderating climate and water discharge towards the amazon basin. The Chimborazo region of Ecuador is highly vulnerable to the advance of industrial/conventional agricultural activities and the changing climate, which is severely affecting water management and ecosystem health. The presentation will set the stage of a large project that involves the indigenous population of San Juan and discuss the way forward to enhance community sustainability and resilience through concepts such as ecosystem governance, ecosystem-based adaptation to climate change and landscape restoration. This seminar is hosted by the Environmental Sustainability Research Centre.

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Niagara Social Justice Forum @ Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts
Feb 3 all-day

A day-long program of workshops, information tables and performances exploring local and global issues of social justice.

Workshops are organized by community groups, activists and graduate students. Topics include:

  • AccessAbility
  • Workers’ Rights
  • What the Fish?: An In-Depth Look Into Our Global Fish Crisis
  • Activist-ing in Niagara
  • Wages and Work – Niagara Poverty Reduction Network
  • Humane Jobs: Linking Human & Animal Well-Being in Niagara
  • Activism Through Silence
  • Palestine/Israel: From Zionism to BDS: Challenging the Rhetoric; Dispelling the Myths
  • Let’s Make Multinationals Work for Everybody
  • Gender Sexuality and Disability Forum
  • Cultural Sensitivity and Inclusion
  • Applying Social Justice on Campus: A Panel Discussion

Free childcare is provided and lunch served at the Marilyn Walker School, downtown St. Catharines. Registration required.

This event is hosted by the MA in Social Justice and Equity Studies at Brock University.

Ecological Nationalism and the Canadian Environmental Imaginary @ Brock University - Schmon Tower, Room 105
Feb 9 @ 11:00 am – 12:30 pm

The Anthropocene – the new epoch of indelible human impact on the Earth system – manifests, at this stage of its history, as a moment of profound ecological crisis. A key question for humanity is therefore how we should govern ourselves as the planetary force we have become.

In this paper, Dr. Byron Williston (Department of Philosophy, Wilfrid Laurier University) asks how this question applies to Canadians and approaches it from the standpoint of what we might call the Canadian environmental imaginary. His key claim is that if we are able to meet the challenges of the Anthropocene responsibly it is crucial for us to cultivate a kind of nationalism that has environmental concerns as its central focus. This is ecological nationalism.

As we will see, the specifically Canadian version of ecological nationalism can flourish only if we alter fundamentally the way we have so far imagined our relation to nature in this country.

Dr. Williston closes by applying the results of the analysis to Canadian climate policy post-Paris.

This event is hosted by the Environmental Sustainability Research Centre and Posthumanism Research Institute.

Sustainable Development as a Complex Problem @ Brock University - Schmon Tower, Room 105
Feb 9 @ 12:45 pm – 1:45 pm

The industrial revolution, based on linear models and deterministic science, has led to phenomenal advances in technology, economic development and quality of life. This success has also resulted in wholesale biodiversity loss, environmental pollution on a planetary scale, climate change, poverty in the underdeveloped south and an extraordinary concentration of financial wealth.

While linear science is good for technological development it is not adequate for understanding the complexity of living beings. We need new paradigms and ways of learning about ourselves and our relationships with the environment.

This seminar will present some concepts from systems thinking that might help us to deal with the sustainability challenge we currently face.

This event is hosted by the Environmental Sustainability Research Centre.

Application Deadline: Niagara Connects Call for Board Members @ Online
Feb 28 @ 5:00 pm

Niagara Research and Planning Council (operating as Niagara Connects) is seeking new Board Members. Niagara Connects is a Niagara-wide network for collaboration, planning, learning, innovation and community action toward a stronger future for Niagara.

Mission: “Generating knowledge that drives community action”.

Guiding Principles:

  • Community strengths, research, and evidence are linked in order to plan for a stronger Niagara
  • Different interests are engaged to work together mobilizing for change; and
  • Research and activities are guided by communities.

Applicants should be prepared to:

  • Actively engage in supporting Niagara Connects’ mission and mandate within the community of Niagara
  • Have some flexibility to attend Board and committee meetings during business hours
  • Attend regularly-scheduled meetings of the Board
  • Work diligently to complete Board-related activities and projects
  • Participate on committees of the Board as appropriate

Click here for more information about Niagara Connects, application guidelines, and submission instructions.


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